Youth Sabbath School Leader Ministry Description

A youth leader is a ministering servant of God who provides leadership for the youth of the local church.

Youth Sabbath School Assistant Ministry Description

Duties include teaching, selecting programming, music and becoming a spiritual helper for the teens.

Youth Ministries Coordinator Ministries Description

Nurture youth in Sabbath School, the Adventist Youth Society and any other youth ministries of the church, such as choir and summer camp.

Young Adult Sabbath School Leader Ministry Description

The young adult Sabbath school leader provides leadership for the young adult Sabbath school by bringing together a team of assistants consisting of...

Young Adult Ministries Coordinator Ministry Description

The strength, vigor and fresh ideas of the young adults in our church family are needed to accomplish the great commission of Jesus to give the Gospel...

Women's Ministries Leader Ministry Description

The women’s ministries leader is elected by the church. It is advantageous if she is a member of the church board. Qualifications include a sensitive,...

World Missions Coordinator Ministry Description

World missions coordinator can be described as providing an interesting mission emphasis for each week's Sabbath School program, as well as keeping...

Visitation Team Ministry Description

The visitation team plays a key role in meeting the needs of new members, inactive members, visitors, and current church members.

Vacation Bible School Director Ministry Description

The Vacation Bible School leader plays a key role in directing the church’s largest outreach program for children and their families.

Usher Ministry Description

The skillful usher makes Sabbath an experience of inspiration, a time of renewal and celebration.

Stewardship Ministry Description

The systematic sharing of stewardship principles is the most important phase of the stewardship leader’s responsibilities.

Social Committee Ministry Description

The social committee is expected to share in the task of planning events. It is essential that the coordinator assigned to each event make up a...

Small Group Leader Ministry Description

Small groups are one of the best vehicles for the church to become what God intends it to be—a people sharing Christ, meeting each other’s needs and...

Seminar Coordinator Ministry Description

The church ministries council or the personal ministries committee develops an overall plan for seminars based on identifying needs in the...

School Board Member Ministry Description

The local school board cooperates with the conference board of education, in counsel with the superintendent of schools.

School Board Chairperson Ministry Description

The Bible highlights why servant leadership is so important for a church school board chairperson.

Religious Liberty Leader Ministry Description

The religious liberty leader in a local church serves as a promoter, communication link, and grassroots contact with the conference for religious...

Planning Committee Ministry Description

God asks the church to be a community of people sharing a common purpose and fellowship. Planning varies from church to church, the basic...

Pathfinder Club Director Ministry Description

Various elements make up the Pathfinder Club program: programming, planning, recruiting and supervising, teaching, listening to parents and children,...

Outreach Coordinator Ministry Description

Outreach is the most important assignment of church leaders—to find God’s lost children and bring them home to the church and to eternal life.

Music Ministry Description

Discover the secrets of creating a harmonious musical ministry.

Men's Ministry Director Ministry Description

The men’s ministry director fills an important role in the church, in that he works to encourage, lead, and nurture men who serve as brothers,...

Lay Pastor Ministry Description

God calls every member of the church into ministry. A lay pastor is equipped for his or her ministry by the gifts received from the Holy Spirit.

Lay Evangelist Ministry Description

Being a lay evangelist is an important calling. Discover the duties and responsibilities of the lay evangelist and how to bring souls to Christ.

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