Adventist Single Adult Ministries Hosts Cruise

Over the Labor Day weekend some 180 adults sailed from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to the Bahamas on the Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) cruise...

Event Marketing Strategies that Work

You've planned your event, but will they come? Here are three ready-to-use tips for marketing your event.

Mission Offerings

Throughout the world Seventh-day Adventist Churches collect monies to fund specific projects in areas with special needs.

Computer Software

Use this page to find great software bargains. There's no need to go without the tools your ministry, school or church needs. You'll find everything...

Directory of Schools

Seventh-day Adventist schools provide opportunities for students to receive a quality education, while learning what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Church Directories

Need to find a Seventh-day Adventist Church on the web? These links provide comprehensive lists of Adventist churches that have a web presence.

Outreach Ideas for Youth Ministries

Share these outreach ideas with your youth to get their creative juices flowing. Ask them to provide a list of their own ideas.

Building a Better Youth Ministry

Do you need some road-tested tips for making your Youth Ministry more effective? Try these for starters!

Children and Baptism

When should a child be baptized? Read what the North American Division has to say on this important question.

Start-Up Ideas for New Youth Leaders

To be effective you need to begin with the basics. Here are a few suggestions for those just starting.

100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids

Our children and even we adults often get stuck when asked to pray. We don't know what to say, or our prayers can easily become routine, even boring.

Adventist Youth Camps & Retreat Centers

This reference page provides a listing of every Seventh-day Adventist Youth Camp in and Adventist Retreat Centers North America.

New Calendar Listings

Find camp meetings, special days, and more.

Discover Bible Lessons Available in Audio, Braille, and Large Print

Christian Record Services, Inc. distributes the Discover course lessons to people who are legally blind or have physical impairments that prevent...

Baptismal Robes

Quality robes designed and sewn by Adventist pastor's wife.


This page features a list of web links for select Adventist organizations and more.

Communion Bread Recipe

Directions for making communion bread.

HeartQuest - Now on DVD

Now you can show HeartQuest in your home, church or fellowship hall on your own schedule.

Musical Artists and Music Ministries

Musical Artists and Music Ministries

Contact Us!

Address, phone, fax and email

Worship Themes

Ideas for possible stage props for use in special worship events.

"Father Meets the Challenge"

When the good Lord was creating Fathers, he started with a tall frame. And a female angel nearby said, "What kind of Father is that? If You’re going...

Adventist Calendar of Events

This calendar of events provides a quick view of the many events occurring around the division.

Let's Get Acquainted

Here's a brief survey that can be used as an ice-breaker for pastors to get better acquainted with children enrolled in a baptismal class.

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