Ministering with Millennials

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Millennials in your community range in age from 15 to 32. The youngest are in the early years of high school and the oldest may or may not be married with families. One important Millennial generation attribute is delayed commitment. Ministering with Millennials starts with a complete overview of this interesting and important generation.

Papers presented at the 180 Symposium covered five major ministry themes:

  • The Search for Identity
  • Relationships are the Key
  • Spirituality is Essential
  • There is a Call for Leadership
  • A Theme of Service

Among the 25 papers included in Ministering with Millennials, you will find powerful ministry ideas presented by Steve Case, Michaela Lawrence, Chris Blake, Lisa Hope, Ron Whitehead, Allan Walshe, Victor Marley and many others. Topics covered include the importance of church climate, using short term mission trips as a connector, creating relational young adult ministries and how to “hand on faith” to the next generation.

The Millennial generation is looking for meaning. They are investing themselves in finding a way that will lead to personal relationships and involvement that makes a difference. Is your congregation ready to minister with Millennials?

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