Porn Doesn't Have to be the Norm

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If you think pornography can’t be a problem in your church, consider the following statistics*:

  • 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women say they are addicted to pornography.
  • 68% of young adult men and 18% of women use porn at least once every week. Another 17% of men and another 30% of women use porn 1-2 times per month. This means for 85% of young men and nearly half of young women, watching porn is at least a monthly activity.
  • 56% of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.

The statistics are shocking. This is an epidemic of mind-blowing proportions, but you can help make a positive change. Whether you are struggling with an addiction to pornography, you are seeking to help a loved one, or you want to create a change in your church and community, this book can help you get started.

Author Omar Miranda shows a clear path for empowering people to begin the process of overcoming this addiction. This book includes information about the dangers of pornography, how to recognize pornography addiction, sample programs for churches, helpful resources, and more.

*Statistics are reprinted from on May 27, 2014.

Paperback. Copyright 2015. 29 pages.

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