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Andrews Study Bible

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The Andrews Study Bible is an innovative and practical presentation of the Scriptures from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. It is designed for both the new believer and the experienced Bible student. In the Andrews Study Bible you will find Light, Depth, and Truth. You will be inspired to follow the Bible in a deep study in the things of God. You will be led to a life of service for Christ and the hope of His soon return.

Study Notes
The study notes are the heart of the “study” part of the Andrews Study Bible. More than 12,000 notes appear throughout the volume. They are placed beneath the corresponding Bible text. Study notes are preceded in bold type by the reference to the verse or passage they address. Their purpose is to explain, define, clarify, and illuminate some aspect of the referenced passage. Sometimes a note addresses the content of a larger passage of Scripture, consisting of several, or even many, verses. This may be followed by notes addressing more specific content in individual verses that were addressed collectively in a previous note. If a note addresses exact words from the Bible text, those words will appear in bold, italic type. Modern equivalents for ancient weights and measures are usually provided in the study notes.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-read design
  • Two-color print
  • More than 12,000 study notes written by an international group of Bible scholars and theologians
  • The latest in faithful biblical scholarship
  • Introduction to each book of the Bible, with an outline
  • A unique, linked reference system to illuminate great themes of the Bible
  • An annotated scripture index to the great themes
  • 65,000 cross references and translation notes
  • 11 in-text colored maps providing helpful geographic understanding are located in relevant places throughout the text.
  • 15 full-color end maps of the land of the Bible, with a comprehensive index
  • Dozens of charts that present important Bible information for easy understanding
  • Feature articles discussing the inspiration and message of the Bible
  • Practical advice on how to follow the Bible in daily life, including a popular Bible reading plan
  • An extensive, 152-page concordance

An additional module offers the Andrews Study Bible Reading Plan as a devotional module to facilitate daily reading.

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