Hidden Disability - Keys to Special Needs

Hidden Disability - Keys to Special Needs

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The church and the Gospel should be accessible to everyone. This series, Keys to Special Needs Ministries, prepares you to support people with special needs and foster inclusion in all aspects of church life. The goal of special needs ministries is to unite people, both disabled and non-disabled, in the common bond of Christ’s love.

Hidden impairments can take many forms, such as seizure disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and learning disabilities. This booklet discusses ways the church family can minister to people with these impairments, including:

  • Using a variety of educational aids to assure the understanding of key concepts
  • Making routines consistent and reliable
  • Building on an individual’s strengths to encourage participation

Train yourself and others to be knowledgeable about and aware of the the hidden disabilities that may impact the lives of fellow church members. Then you can respond in a way that uplifts them and ensures an inclusive worship experience.

Booklet. 22 Pages. Copyright 2015.

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