Intellectual Disability - Keys to Special Needs Ministries

Intellectual Disability - Keys to Special Needs Ministries

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The church and the Gospel should be accessible to everyone. This series, Keys to Special Needs Ministries, prepares you to support people with special needs and foster inclusion in all aspects of church life. The goal of special needs ministries is to unite people, both disabled and non-disabled, in the common bond of Christ’s love.

In this booklet, you will find information on intellectual impairments and discover ways to meet the needs of people with such impairments, including:

  • Providing multi-sensory worship experiences
  • Giving concrete examples when presenting ideas
  • Using peer tutors to assist during Sabbath school

An intellectual disability should never prevent someone from feeling welcomed into the church family. By teaching yourself and others how to reach out to people with this disability, you can help the church follow Christ’s model of all-inclusive love.

Booklet. 22 Pages. Copyright 2015.

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