The Life Story of Jesus with Alan Meis

The Life Story of Jesus with Alan Meis

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Come with us on a trip through the story of Jesus' life! From the manger to the cross and from baptism to resurrection, we look behind the scenes to see the drama of what was really going on during Jesus' life.

This series uses hundreds of paintings, dozens of specially prepared maps, and modern pictures from 29 basic locations where Jesus lived during His earthly ministry.

Alan Meis presents the story in American Sign Language. Alan is the son of deaf parents and grew up signing within the culture of the Deaf. You can also read the script in English subtitles.

Though completely designed for a Deaf audience, there is a soundtrack for Hearing who may be viewing with the Deaf.


  • Birth
  • Childhood
  • Ministry in Galilee
  • Galilee Ministry Focus
  • The Last Year
  • The Final Six Months
  • The Final Week
  • Captivity and Trials
  • Crucifixion and Death
  • Resurrection and Ascension

Includes two DVDs.

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