Our World A Theater in God's Universe

Our World A Theater in God's Universe

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Our world is a theater in the universe. The earth is a battlefield between the forces of good and evil. The Bible tells the story of this battle between Christ and Satan. Satan accused God of being selfish. Jesus showed through His life and death that God is love. God wants to rebuild our trust in Him and His law. This presentation will help you discover how you fit in God's plan.

While watching this signed presentation, you will see more than 200 beautiful paintings taking you on a fascinating trip through the most important stories in the Bible. Learn what God has been doing to rescue mankind and how sin will end.

This series is presented in American Sign Language by Esther M. Doss. Esther's parents are deaf. Esther also provides a voice track for the hearing. You can access each of the 14 sections through the main DVD menu.

The presentation was written by Pastor and Mrs. Blake (who have two deaf children). The co-writer, Pastor Arthur Griffith, is also deaf.

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