Real Family Talk 2

Real Family Talk 2

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Real Family Talk is an award-winning family television program hosted by Willie Oliver, PhD, a pastor and family sociologist, and Elaine Oliver, MA, an educator and counseling psychologist. Through their half-hour show, this dynamic couple equips families with the tools necessary to build relationships, improve communication and make important decisions.

Episodes include:

  • Can This Marriage Be Saved? Learn about the warning signs. Guests: Ronald and Karen Flowers
  • Living Single: What is it like to be a single adult these days? Guests: Michelle Chin, John Domm and Grace Brown
  • Praying Like Crazy for Your Family: Do you pray like crazy for your spouse? Children? Family? Guest: Tamyra Horst
  • Why Family Worship? What it involves, how to worship and its benefits. Guests: Elden Ramirez and family
  • We’re All Adopted: When adoption is a blessing and changes everything. Guests: Ray and Jeanne Hartwell
  • Growing Great Kids: What makes families happy? Guests: Gerry and Eunice Lopez
  • Breaking the Cycle of Family Dysfunction: Learn about the impact our families have on who we are. Guests: Ron and Karen Flowers
  • A Testimony of Transformation: Testimony about the power of God to save and transform lives. Guests: Ron and Claudia Woolsey

Includes two DVDs with a total of 8 30-minute episodes. Copyright 2014.

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