The Unbelievable Beatitudes - iFollow Leader's Guide

The Unbelievable Beatitudes - iFollow Leader's Guide

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Many are familiar with Jesus’ famous words that lead His Sermon on the Mount. They have been cause for hope for Christians everywhere. They have also been cause for profound discussion regarding just how to conduct ourselves in this broken world.

But you’re about to delve into the Beatitudes like never before. What does it really mean to be poor in spirit, to be meek, to be pure in heart? What does a merciful person look like today? How do we make peace amid our lives of strange, subtle, complicated conflict?

This leader’s guide includes all the information you need to start and lead a small group through The Unbelievable Beatitudes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started
  • Detailed information on leading a group
  • Tips for conducting meetings
  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Spiritual growth activities
  • Web links and additional resources

The Unbelievable Beatitudes will provide an in-depth, researched perspective of the process of growth we experience as Christians while growing in a relationship with a loving, all-powerful Savior.

Paperback. 31 pages. Copyright 2015. Part of the series iFollow.

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