The Word of God Foundational Bible Study

The Word of God Foundational Bible Study

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What is the purpose of Bible study? Hank Branch believes it is to develop knowledge of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to provide us with the essentials of life and to lay the foundation for Christian growth. That foundation stands on the Word of God alone!

The author presents four simple steps to ensure that your Bible study is successful. First, study systematically. Focus on one topic at a time. Second, study thoroughly. Read and study every reference in order to acquire a holistic view. Third, study deeply. Examine what God’s perfect Word is saying by using different translations. And fourth, study formally. Take notes to help you reference what you have learned as you continue studying God’s Word.

The Word of God Foundational Bible Study covers important topics such as:

  • Is the Bible True or False?
  • Why Study the Bible?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • What is Sin?
  • How Can We Read the Signs of the Times?
  • How Are We to Understand the Second Coming of Christ?
  • And More

About the author: Hank Branch is a servant of the living God, working in His vineyard, and waiting on His return. He wants to teach Christians how to study the Bible so they can meet God face-to-face.

Paperback. Copyright 2011. 70 pages.

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