Fundamentals of Faith

Fundamentals of Faith

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Fundamentals of Faith is the simple resource you’ve been waiting for! 

  • A simple guide to be used with those preparing for baptism or profession of faith.
  • A general study resource for anyone desiring an overview of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.
  • Presents topics in a sequence designed for those new to learning about them.
  • Summarizes and combines several fundamental beliefs for the sake of simplicity.
  • Includes explanations and practical applications helpful to those preparing for church membership.
  • Includes “My Commitment” points to guide the reader in making decisions for Christ.
  • Provides supporting scriptural references with each doctrine.
  • Includes the full Seventh-day Adventist statement of fundamental beliefs in the appendix.

Fundamentals of Faith is part of the GROW Your Church series of resources. GROW Your Church is an initiative of the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries departments.

Paperback booklet. Copyright 2018. 46 pages. 


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