New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching

New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching

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Undoubtedly, Jesus was the greatest teacher of all time. No wonder Ellen White wrote, “What a blessing it would be if all would teach as Jesus taught! He did not aim to attract attention by eloquence or by overwhelming grandeur of sentiment. On the contrary, His language was plain, and His thoughts were expressed with greatest simplicity; but He spoke with loving earnestness. In your teaching be as near like Him as possible. Make your exercises interesting. Let the teachers show that they have thoroughly learned the lesson, and are intensely interested in it. Let there be no frivolous or superficial interpretations of the Scriptures, but let each be prepared to go to the bottom of the subject presented” (Counsels on Sabbath School Work, ch. 6, p. 182).

The book you have in your hand seeks to broaden horizons in teaching in Sabbath School. It is practical material that contains not only theory but also goal, this book presents:

  • The need to contemplate and imitate the best teacher.
  • Knowledge of the methods of instruction and learning principles.
  • Creating curriculums and lesson plans.
  • How to evaluate yourself.

If you want to reach New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching, this book is for you!

Paperback. Copyright 2018. 96 pages.

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