Be Bold: Baptismal Study Guide

Be Bold: Baptismal Study Guide

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Prepare preteens to be bold new members of the church with these Bible studies!

Knowing what steps to take after baptism can be tricky, but Be Bold equips preteens with six essential skills they need for success. In six short lessons, preteens will learn to:

  • Use the spiritual gifts God gave them to get involved in their church like the twelfth man on a football team.
  • Realize how the devil and God's church are like predator and prey, and how they can protect their faith from being devoured.
  • Study the Bible each day so they can be connected with Christ and able to answer any questions about God from people Jesus leads across their path.
  • Be generous so they can benefit others and the church, and also shape themselves into better people.
  • Make new relationships with other believers in their church so they can grow their faith, but also learn how to share their faith with non-believing friends.
  • Find a mentor to encourage, advise, and give them perspective when they need it.

Paperback. Copyright 2018. 35 pages.

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