Trapped in Death Cavern and Other Miracle Stories

Trapped in Death Cavern and Other Miracle Stories

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When people pray, great things happen! God often answers by bringing quiet confidence into our hearts and guiding our choices. But sometimes God will intervene in miraculous ways that defy our senses and expectations. This book is a collection of accounts of such events from around the world.

Witness a miraculous escape by a group of naïve boys who lose their way in the deep, winding passages of a Kentucky cavern. Enjoy an amazing miracle meal of strawberries during World War II. Read an astonishing story about Jesus coming face-to-face with a young miner who strayed from the path of grace. Listen to stories about angels interceding miraculously to heal the sick, answer the desperate prayers of children, and preserve the fields of a faithful Sabbath-keeping farmer. Each of these stories is special because it represents the power of God to rescue His people at the point when they need Him the most.

Paperback. Copyright 2023. 128 pages.

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