Desert Glory

Desert Glory

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Thrilling, profound lessons from the biblical Exodus come alive in this gripping adventure story of courage, praise, and glorious liberation! Journey with Asher and Zara, excited Hebrew children fleeing Egypt, as they also discover the secrets of freedom from discontentment, fear, and selfishness. Rejoice at their incredible deliverance at the Red Sea! Journey onward with them amid threats of starvation, thirst, discouragement, treachery, and warfare, as they learn how fierce faith conquers fear.

Find out why God waits so long to free His people from heartache, abuse, and injustice. Delight in watching Him rise up at last to show His loving justice and mercy to both oppressors and oppressed. Best of all, fall deeper in love with the God whose glorious presence always lights our way throughout life’s wildernesses!

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