Far Out - CD

Far Out - CD

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What happens when a pirate, a cowboy, a math teacher, a pediatric dental hygienist and a poet go to church? This and many other burning questions will be answered on the latest release from the award-winning Mighty Magic Pants.

In Far Out, the group explores the wonders of our vast universe and the greatness of the God who created it. The new album brings together the band’s signature mix of learning and laughter in poetry and song that appeals to kids and their parents, too.

Join Mike Mennard, Pirate Jake, Miss Tori, Jazzin’ Jess and Wrangler Ryan as they take a trip through space on the “Big Blue Bus” and learn to trust God’s strength and wisdom.

CD includes 22 tracks. Copyright 2014. 

*The Magic Pants were featured in the 2014 Adventist VBS program Investigation Station: Galactic Quest.

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