21 Tools to Teach Kids About Jesus

21 Tools to Teach Kids About Jesus

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Read this book if…

  • You are a Christian parent that wants to raise your children to love and follow Jesus.
  • You are a church school teacher looking for creative ways to teach your students to love Jesus.
  • You are a children’s ministries leader looking for inspiration and ideas as you plan exciting new ways to guide kids to live for Jesus.

You’ve probably noticed that the world around us is getting more chaotic every day. Kids are distracted by hundreds of sights and sounds that surround them. The secular culture we’re living in continually demands the attention of our children and students. What can we do? 

Sometimes we get in a rut and we feel like we’ve hit a wall. Sometimes we feel like our creative batteries need recharging. This book is a collection of the author’s best ideas, suggestions, tips, tools, and inspiration for teaching kids about Jesus.

Paperback. Copyright 2020. 90 pages.

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