More Than Balloons

More Than Balloons

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What does yarn, a Rubik’s Cube and noodles have to do with the Bible? I encourage you to use this book to create memorable, scripture-based moments for kids by engaging their minds so they will forget to fidget and wiggle! Stretching your teaching abilities through creative object lessons may be messy and hard...But thinking outside-the-box will impact a child’s learning while captivating their imagination and stimulating their minds to think through Bible concepts and stories. Creative teaching can be used in a devotion for family worship, church illustrations or simply an introduction in a children’s classroom. With interesting props and creative storytelling, kids get to be actively involved in the message. With minimal prep time, these easy object lessons reveal ways we can build our relationship with Jesus in a fun and exciting way. Don’t just tell kids about Jesus, show them!

About the Author: Shawna Campbell has a deep desire that children will see a glimpse of Jesus in places they would least expect. She is currently the children’s pastor at Loma Linda University Church. Her passion is to develop a love for Jesus through creativity in Biblical illustrations for every age.

Paperback. Copyright 2022. 63 pages.

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