Who Is God?

Who Is God?

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Who is God? explores images of God in the Scriptures, casting light on this timeless question asked by young and old alike. Embark on a journey of joy and imagination to discover the surprising ways God wants to be known by each of God's children. Readers will find themselves invited into more meaningful connection with this relational God of countless wonders.

Who is God? is the perfect foundation for little ones to begin to grasp the immense breadth of our amazing God. The well-crafted words, whimsical illustrations, and scriptural index capture the imagination and anchor it to scripture.” — Clayton Koh, Children & Family Pastor at Kettering Adventist Church

“This concept of God is so beautifully and creatively illustrated and it will capture any young mind! It’s a great read for all Christian families!” — Shawna Campbell, Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Loma Linda University Church

“This book beautifully illuminates the character of God in a way that’s inviting and engaging and will draw hearts, young and old, to the goodness of God. This is a resource I’ve been longing to have for my own children.” — Emily F. Whitney, DMin

Who is God? is a priceless gem! The book is beautifully illustrated, skillfully written, and filled with hope and love! I highly recommend it as a must-have for every believing parent or guardian.” — Jeremiah Green, President, The Withstanders Inc.


Tara J. VinCross, DMin, is a pastor, mama, storyteller, and visionary based out of California. 

Karen J. Findley is a Christian illustrator based in Michigan.


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