Children's Ministries: What Really Matters

Children's Ministries: What Really Matters

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Whether your church has a few kids or lots of kids our focus is to find ways for them to say “yes” to Jesus. In this book Dr. Rick Chromey shares from a life of experience and wisdom from scripture for leading children to know they are loved by God and for Children’s Ministries leaders to know that they are not alone in ministry. 

Dr. Chromey is the founder and president of MANNA! and has equipped leaders to lead, trainers to train, and teachers to teach for nearly four decades. He’s a popular author on leadership, culture, human motivation, and faith. 

As you finish each chapter there are reflection questions that are written by different Children’s Ministries Directors from the North American Division. With each exercise you will be able to refresh, grow, and strengthen your ministry. Your ministry may start small but just like the mustard seed it will grow and become a place where children can come to meet Jesus. 

Paperback. Copyright 2022. 139 pages.

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