Stewardship for a Lifetime - Earth Stewards PDF Download

Stewardship for a Lifetime - Earth Stewards PDF Download

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Earth Stewards is a campmeeting program designed to help 5th and 6th graders recognize and involve themselves in the joy of stewardship. This fun and active program will lead juniors to a new understanding of Jesus’ loves for them, and a commitment to respond to His love by caring for the gifts He has entrusted to them.

Juniors are very social and active young people who are curious about the world around them and how they fit into it. Earth Stewards gives juniors the opportunity to explore various aspects of the world God has given them, and to learn how to manage these gifts according to His beneficial plan. The world and the church need young people who are motivated and trained to care for our world, and to manage the health, money, time, and talents God has given them.

The morning program is the most intensive learning time of the day, utilizing lots of fun activities to accomplish the theme for the day. The afternoon program involves kids in actively applying the theme of the day. The evening is devoted to games, quizzes, and stories which reinforce the concepts learned throughout the day.

This program may be used with any length or style of junior youth program, including campmeeting, Vacation Bible School, and other events. This program guide is based on the traditional eight-day campmeeting program. However, it also gives suggestions as to how to adapt the program to your specific needs.

80 pages. Copyright 1996. Format: PDF.

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