Stewardship for a Lifetime - Sense-ational Stewards PDF Download

Stewardship for a Lifetime - Sense-ational Stewards PDF Download

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Sense-ational Stewards is a campmeeting program designed for children ages 4-6. This program presents the happy living found through the unique benefits of being a steward for Jesus.

The goal of this program is to give kindergarten children an introduction and a foundation in stewardship principles. The children will experience hands-on activities that will reinforce God’s complete ownership of everything. They will also begin to focus on their responsibility of taking care of all that God has given them.

Children of all ages learn new concepts best when more than one of their senses is engaged in the learning process. This program guide provides many teaching suggestions and hands-on activities that involve seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling.

Each day a different stewardship principle will be introduced. Children will learn how each principle demonstrates the love of God. Though music, drama, stories, art and craft activities, games, and learning centers children will have the opportunity to experience being stewards of time, money, the earth, our talents, and ourselves. These activities will help them remember the theme that is being developed each day.

This Bible-based, interactive program is designed primarily for a traditional eight-day campmeeting. However, it will also work with Vacation Bible School, shorter campmeetings, and other events. Each program is approximately 90 minutes in length. Suggestions are provided for adapting these programs to your needs.

The morning program uses a dramatic reenactment of a Bible story to emphasize the theme for the day. Children will learn through a variety of activities how this theme relates to their everyday lives. The afternoon program features learning center activities that again relate the theme for the day to the children’s lives. A variety of fun activities, games, and songs are provided that further relate to this theme. For the evening program, learning centers will continue to emphasize the theme for the day. Evening praise and prayer will further reinforce the day’s theme. Nature activities will also be incorporated into the evening program, providing a relaxing evening for the children.

131 pages. Copyright 1996. Format: PDF.

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