It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It DVD

It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It DVD

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When Craig Groeschel founded, the congregation met in a borrowed two-car garage, with ratty furnishings and faulty audiovisual equipment. But people were drawn there, sensing a powerful, life-changing force Groeschel calls 'It.' What is It, and how can you and your ministry get--and keep--It? Combining in-your-face honesty with off-the-wall humor, this DVD tells how any believer can obtain It, get It back, and guard It.

Groeschel takes you on a nine-session video journey to discover the powerful presence from God that he calls IT at work in many churches. Each video session is approximately ten minutes long and focuses on the many facets of “what is It and where did It come from.” Craig will explore the necessary contributions to It such as vision, divine focus, unmistakable camaraderie, innovative minds, willingness to fall short, hearts focused outward, and kingdom-mindedness. He concludes the video experience with a session on “do you have It and how to keep It once you have It.” This video is designed for leadership groups and church groups and includes discussion questions on the DVD at the end of each session.

Length: 2 hours. Copyright 2009.

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