Christ's Way to Restoration

Christ's Way to Restoration

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Unprecedented crises are breaking out everywhere - a harbinger of more to come. As the critical time of the final crisis approaches, Satan knows that he has a short time. He is poised to execute his well-hewn schemes of deception and destruction more than ever in the history of humanity. This old world is at the very edge of a cosmic precipice that will soon plunge it into the abyss of the most severe conflicts and calamities. The wily deceiver will take full advantage of these impending crises by contending for every single soul, sparing no one, even the very elect. The brokenness and rebelliousness, instigated by him in heaven, will culminate in impacting every sphere of human existence.

Christ's strategy of redemption will surely overrun and overwhelm the greatest of Satan's hellish designs. His great love and commitment moved Him to save us from the malignancy of sin, and to deliver us from eternal death. He took upon Himself our rebellion on the cross, suffering its grave consequences and providing us restoration for now and eternity.

Let us use our God-given freedom of choice to make the right decision of trusting and obeying Him with all our being. With the divine enmity against evil implanted in our hearts, let us have the moral courage to shun the bad and embrace the good. Thus Christ's eternal purpose of restoration from rebellion may be fulfilled - saving us from sin and delivering us from death.

Therefore, through appreciation of Christ's initiative and appropriation of His character, we may live His law of love and become more and more like Him. Why not then freely choose to invite Christ to reign supremely in our hearts? Why not, by His enabling grace, choose His precious offer of life abundant and His enduring gift of life eternal?

Paperback. 194 pages. Copyright 2009.

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