Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

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Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Three branches from a common ancestral tree; tangles in a seemingly irreconcilable blood feud. Why can't these sons of Abraham get along? What lies at the root of the violence and the bloodshed tearing the Middle East apart?

Dr. Philip G. Samaan, a theology professor and Seventh-day Adventist minister, explores the common heritage that binds the three great monotheistic religions, the bitter rivalry among these blood brothers, and the only solution found in their Elder Blood Brother, Jesus Christ, who sealed the covenant with His own blood shed on Calvary.

Some might imagine that because God chose Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah, to be the son of promise, He somehow rejected Ishmael and his descendants. However, it is evident from the Scriptures that such a supposition is not solidly founded. After all, what about Esau? He was the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham and Sarah. Consider the sons of Jacob. Wasn't Joseph the great-grandson of Abraham and Sarah? And didn't he posses an impeccable character?

Blood Brothers doesn't take sides. It does break new ground in helping Western minds understand the issues, while pointing to the true Seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ, as the only hope for all of Abraham's descendants.

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