The Mideast Messiah

The Mideast Messiah

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The Messiah was truly a Mideast man. His cultural views were not influenced by His travel to distant lands or by resettling in another country. His brief excursions were limited to the biblical lands of Greater Syria and its surrounding environs. In His ministry he journeyed to neighboring Syro-Phoenicia and the land beyond the Jordan River. This was the culture in which He was immersed. His Thoughts, feelings, words, and actions were expressed in Mideastern ways. To more fully understand and appreciate Christ's life and ministry, it greatly helps to know His modes of thought and expression. Greater understanding gives us the inside view and the feel of the intricacies of His human interactions and relationships. Join Dr. Philip G. Samaan on this journey to experience the authentic, tangible and life-transforming Messiah of the biblical culture.


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