Grieve If You Must

Grieve If You Must

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Grieving is a natural and normal process but for many of us it is very frightening. It is often said that the physical wounds may heal but the emotional wounds take a long time to heal, and often leave behind some deadly scars. Healing involves dealing with complex and often painful emotions and, of course, letting go. The grieving process for many persons never comes to healing, and may last an entire lifetime. Emotional and physical restoration requires that we resolve our sore feelings and negotiate the grieving process.

This book represents an attempt to bring the opportunity of healing to the conflict of grief. If further furnishes individuals with a great opportunity for the understanding of the grief and healing processes while providing great insights into their condition, which helps them work through their emotions. It challenges the reader to become actively involved in the seeking and practicing of healing. The reward is the hope of greater self-fulfillment, growth, and restoration.

Paperback. Copyright 2011. 205 pages.

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