Grieving With Hope

Grieving With Hope

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The grief book for these solemn unpredictable times. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one from the Corona Virus or helping someone mourn the loss of daily routines and ways of life, Grieving with Hope: A Time to Mourn offers comforting affirmations of faith and Scriptural support to walk you through the mourning process. It reveals some of the emotions of the grieving process and how best to navigate through the pain.

Its topics include:

  • Mourning the loss of a spouse, child, in-law, parent, sibling, friend, and mentor.
  • Explains the difference between grief and mourning.
  • Shows the physical and emotional effects of grief.
  • Understanding the grief reconciliation process.
  • Uncovers alternate models of mourning.
  • Embracing the God who allowed your loved one to die. 

Written by an author who has experienced multiple losses and has the heart to help others process their grief, this book offers solace to newly bereaved individuals, seniors who’ve lost loved ones years ago, and those dramatically impacted by the pandemic.

While there is no playbook for navigating these unchartered waters of mourning, Grieving with Hope: A Time to Mourn provides those suffering from grief with up-to-date and practical information to support you through the harrowing depths of despair as you navigate back from the brink of hopelessness and rebuild your life.

It also contains a reflecting and response section that offers a combination of contemplation activities, self-exploration questions, and a place for journaling to help you through the mourning process.

Paperback. Copyright 2021. 192 pages.

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