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This Bible has been specially prepared to give hope to those who are facing different challenges in life. It is also a great resource for health care professionals, chaplains, and others who may offer any kind of support for those in need.

The Hope Bible has many unique characteristics:

  • Preliminary pages with outstanding articles about active communication and how to rediscover hope while understanding why the Bible is the Book of Hope.
  • More than 1,000 verses for all occasions that are listed at the beginning of the Bible for easy reference and highlighted throughout the Bible for easy identification. Selected verses will help you face challenging times in life, grow in faith and wisdom, experience a true connection with God, and overcome any problem by His side. 130 prayers featured throughout the Bible with valuable applications for different circumstances, according to each person's need.
  • Short biblical explanations of selected Bible verses to help you understand the 28 most important teachings of the Bible. The 37 miracles of Jesus reported in the gospels, which include practical comments to assure us that Jesus can still perform miracles in our lives today.
  • A special section entitled “Living Hope” that addresses important existential issues and provides answers to many difficult questions.
  • A complete section entitled "Healthy Living" with more than 40 informative articles on health and well-being.
  • The Bible text in the New King James version. Words of Jesus printed in red.
  • A comprehensive Bible Study resource entitled There Is an Answer! which is accessible through QR codes using your smart phone or tablet. Biblical tools such as the parables of Jesus, the most significant names and titles of Jesus, a Bible reading plan, and many more.
  • Beautifully illustrated maps of Bible lands

*This Bible was developed by Editorial Safeliz in cooperation with the Adventist Chaplancy Ministries and the Adventist Health Ministry Department of the General Conference.

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