Grieving With Hope Workbook

Grieving With Hope Workbook

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Many years ago, Dr. Larry D. Black decided to become a board-certified chaplain and surround himself with people who were either dying or grieving a death. During that time, he supported numerous individuals and families as they mourned, helping them find meaning in the loss and integrate it into their new reality.

As a fellow mourner, Dr. Black knows what it’s like to be consumed by waves of grief – to nearly drown in them. He’s felt the loneliness, the ache, and the burning tears of lamentation. Through his firsthand and extensive secondhand experience, he discovered a way of mourning as an essential, joyful part of healing that pulls you out of the abyss. This kind of grieving is crucial to challenge the emotionally suppressive nature of our current culture around death and mourning.

Today, Dr. Black and his wife Linda live and work in Florida, and he continues his work in consulting and consoling those traveling through the dark night of grief.

Paperback. Copyright 2022. 115 pages.

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