Game Card Pack 1 - Controlled Phonetic Reading

Game Card Pack 1 - Controlled Phonetic Reading

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This game card pack of the Controlled Phonetic Reading Program consists of 94 pages of game ideas and words taken from the stories in the Single-Letter Teacher’s Edition, Book 1. It is an invaluable resource for playing games with the very words that are included in the reading stories. Each card contains a word from the story with its story title in the corner for a quick and easy reference guide. These word cards may be copied, laminated, and cut apart in order to provide hours of fun playing a variety of games!

This bundle of Reading Game Cards is full of FABULOUSLY FUN GAME ideas that will teach your beginner readers:

  1. Decoding Reading Skills
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Phonics

These game cards are designed to go with the CPR Teacher’s Edition/Book 1 but can be used independently if desired. These reading cards are an invaluable resource for fun, hands-on learning that teaches students specific phonograms while playing a multitude of card games!

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