Student Reader & Coloring Book - Controlled Phonetic Reading

Student Reader & Coloring Book - Controlled Phonetic Reading

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This 113-page Controlled Phonetic Reading Student Reader/Coloring Book contains 32 PHONETIC STORIES that introduce letter sounds in the ORDER OF THEIR USE OF FREQUENCY IN READING.

The first story consists of 3 letter sounds of “T,” “I,” and “P.” Each lesson and story adds ONE additional sound until all the letters in the alphabet have been introduced, along with the additional letter combinations of -nk, -ng, -ing, -less, and -ness. NO SIGHT WORDS are included. This enables the student to sound out every word in each story.

This reader is designed to go with the Controlled Phonetic Reading Teacher’s Edition Book 1 but can be used independently if desired. Its ORIGINAL, ADORABLE ARTWORK can be colored by the student as an extra bonus of fun!

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