Encounter Adventist Curriculum - Grade 9

Encounter Adventist Curriculum - Grade 9

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This kit includes all of the teacher's and supplemental materials for the Grade 9 Encounter Curriculum. The course focus is to identify that God is the Source of all love, the Author of the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Giver of the Holy Spirit, who are central to Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. The course abilities are to develop and apply knowledge, understanding, and skills in the Grade 9-12 Adventist Encounter Curriculum through applications to each content standard. The Grade 9 Encounter Curriculum is split into four terms, and each term includes several different units.

Term 1: "God: The I Am"

An exploration of God’s existence, who He is, what He is like, and how we can have a real relationship with Him.

    • 9.1A The Reality of God
    • 9.1B Character of God
    • 9.1C A God Worth Knowing

Term 2: "God on a Cross"

God’s response to the problem of sin was to send Jesus, the ultimate gift to humankind. Through Jesus’ humble birth, His childhood, baptism, temptation, ministry in the Passion Week, and His death and resurrection, we come to see a loving Father who gives all as a result of His love for us.

    • 9.2A God on Earth
    • 9.2B The Week of the Cross
    • 9.2C God: From Death to Life

Term 3: "God Gifts Part 1"

God has chosen to lavish His love upon us through many gifts. Through a deeper understanding of the gift of creation, we can appreciate and defend a creationist worldview. In looking at the Sabbath throughout history, and how God has sought to restore it for His people, we truly come to appreciate this gift.

    • 9.3A The Gift our World - Creation
    • 9.3B The Gift of the Sabbath

Term 4: "God Gifts Part 2"

God’s gift of grace as seen through Old Testament stories shows us a loving God who forgives in spite of failure. When we view our lives in light of who we truly are (God’s sons and daughters), this changes the way we see ourselves and others. These gifts illustrate God’s desire to have an intimate and unique relationship with us.

  • 9.4A The Gift of Grace
  • 9.4B The Gift of Identity

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