Encounter Adventist Curriculum - Grade 10

Encounter Adventist Curriculum - Grade 10

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This kit includes all of the teacher's and supplemental materials for the Grade 10 Encounter Curriculum. The course focus is to identify that God is the Source of all love, the Author of the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Giver of the Holy Spirit, who are central to Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. The course abilities are to develop and apply knowledge, understanding, and skills in the Grade 9-12 Adventist Encounter Curriculum through applications to each content standard. The Grade 10 Encounter Curriculum is split into four terms, and each term includes several different units.

Term 1- "The God-Choice"

God has pursued His chosen people throughout history, yet repeatedly they have chosen the world above Him. In the Old Testament stories of Hosea, David and Ruth, we see the characteristics of individuals who lived their lives after God’s own heart.

    • 10.1A Hosea: Extreme Love
    • 10.1B David: After His Heart

Term 2- "God's Heart"

Jesus shared many profound, eternal truths while on this earth. These messages can encourage, inspire and draw us closer to His heart.

    • 10.2A Jesus: Messages from His Heart

Term 3- "Sharing God"

The birth of the early church brought challenges and wonder as the Holy Spirit was poured onto people committed to living after God’s own heart. Jesus’ followers were empowered with His message, and shared it passionately, despite the consequences. With the Holy Spirit empowering our lives, we too can share God’s messages with the world.

    • 10.3A Acts: A Heart to Share

Term 4- "God in My World"

When we are living after God’s own heart, connected to Jesus, our lives, and the ways in which we relate to the world around us change. Our relationship with God will determine things such as: our prayer life, Bible study, how we view God’s law, and how we make discerning lifestyle choices. God calls us to live for Him in every aspect of our lives.

  • 10.4A My Heart: Living in the Waiting

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