You Are a Leader

You Are a Leader

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Every day when you wake up and look in the mirror, the person staring back at you is your primary follower, and you are their primary leader. That person will do what you tell them to do. They will go where you tell them to go. They will say what you tell them to say. They will follow you up a mountain, through a valley, and even over a cliff. Who that person ultimately becomes and what that person achieves will be dependent on how you lead them? You Are a Leader gives examples of leaders and leadership traits along with exercise that will help develop your leadership ability.

Chapters include:

  • The Making of a Leader
  • The First Person You Lead
  • The 3 C’s of Leadership
  • Discovering Your Leadership Shape
  • And much more!

As a leader, the influence you have with people is a sacred trust given to you by God. You Are a Leader will help you to maximize your influence.

Paperback. Copyright 2022. 147 pages.

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