Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible

Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible

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You probably remember Bible stories by using a sort of “who’s who” process, right? It’s fairly easy to think of stories that feature individuals—multiple stories come to mind when Abraham, Moses, Peter, or Paul are mentioned. But what if you want to recall a story based on something in nature?

You’ve come to the right place! In this book Laurie Chance Smith groups biblical stories that focus on specific aspects of nature and provides background information and spiritual application. From bugs and birds to seeds and flowers, from fire and water to moon and stars, she explores the wonders of God’s creation as revealed in His Word.

Ideal for use in object lessons and illustrations, these snapshots of nature in the Bible encourage curiosity and further study of both the story and the nature subject. Suggestions for prayer focus and ways to make a difference in our world are included in each chapter to bring the spiritual lesson home.

Paperback. Copyright 2013. 128 pages.

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