Passion, Purpose and Power

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    James R. Nix

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No matter what age we are, or what age we are in, the idea of sitting at the feet of someone who is telling a story brings back feelings of childhood awe, trust, and expectation.

This book is an invitation to all ages to sit and listen as these stories—told by the Adventist pioneers themselves—paint a picture of real people and their lives. These are stories of total commitment and incredible sacrifices that only a passion for Jesus, a dedication to His purposes, and the power of the Holy Spirit can generate. Draw close to the fireside of this second (updated and expanded) edition, and find yourself aglow with inspiration.

Come, listen, and you might just hear the God of the pioneers call your name, sense a revival in your heart, and feel a renewed sense of mission in your life—one that draws from you a similar spirit of sacrifice and commitment.

Paperback. 265 pages. Copyright 2000, 2013.

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