InSufficient: Unique Presentations on the Topic of Stewardship

InSufficient: Unique Presentations on the Topic of Stewardship

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The In$ufficient project consists of 15 unique presentations on the topic of stewardship, presented by five female spiritual leaders in North America.

Christians often live with an “insufficient” mindset; that is, they don’t live as if God and His care of us are sufficient. However, the goal of this project is to help people think more intentionally about what it means to live as a faithful steward of God’s resources—not only of His financial blessings to us, but in regard to our time and talents as well. God gives us more than enough!

Speakers & presentations included:

Brenda Billingy, NAD Ministerial Association Associate Director

  • Test of Generosity 21:18
  • Insufficient Grace 28:30
  • Liberal Love 28:13

Adly Campos, Family Well-Being International Speaker and Evangelist

  • Is It Possible to Solve Family Financial Problems? 26:29
  • It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive 23:54
  • The Art of Solving Family Financial Problems 21:55

Jennifer Deans, Living Faith SDA Church Pastor

  • Motivation 29:00
  • Put God to the Test! 28:26
  • Two Righteous Rich Men 28:51

Sonia Perez, Beltsville SDA Church Youth Pastor

  • Heart Audit 27:18
  • Stewards of Grace 23:40
  • Why Not Trust God 27:15

Bonita Shields, NAD Stewardship Ministries Associate Director

  • Heart and Soil 26:48
  • The Haves Versus the Have Nots 28:00
  • Oikonomia 24:37

Four-DVD set. Copyright 2017.

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