Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

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This booklet invites you to travel in an exciting and rewarding experience of getting to know Jesus as Creator, Owner, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our souls. To facilitate this process of spiritual discovery this book includes selected Scripture passages and inspiring quotes for reading, reflection, and prayer.

The goal is for you to know and become more deeply acquainted with Jesus as Lord of your life, and to recognize your calling as His modern-day disciples. Being a disciple means an active involvement in the mission of God to make disciples of all people groups. For this undertaking to be realized it also requires our ongoing participation as faithful financial partners in support of His commission on earth.

This journey does not come to an end in seven weeks. Rather, this is only the beginning of a new life in partnership with God.

Paperback. Copyright 2011. 99 pages.

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