Life After School

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    Michaela Lawrence Jeffery

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Have you ever wondered what’s next, what’s beyond college, and how you’re going to face it? You probably know that you’re not alone in your questions and that, on some level, God is with you through it all. But how does that play out especially when things don’t go as you’ve dreamed or even strategically mapped out?

In this book, you’ll find a variety of perspectives on how to handle what’s next. You’ll hear from a few students, still in the rhythm you’ve grown familiar with, sharing their thoughts on what to do differently or embrace right now. And you’ll hear from several people who’ve lived beyond the college scene for some time. As they reflect on their highs and lows, their clarifying moments and the questions that still linger, you’ll grow in your understanding of how things may look for you—soon. The words ahead are both practical and inspirational. Soak them up.

After each entry, you’ll find a bit of space to jot down initial reactions to what you’ve read. You’ll also find more space at the end of the book.

Whenever you get this book in your hands, treat yourself to some invaluable time with God to talk through what you’ve read, what you’ve learned, the questions that are still ruminating, and the answers God’s providing along the way.

Paperback. Copyright 2017. 50 pages.

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