Steps to Discipleship DVD

Steps to Discipleship DVD

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Steps to Discipleship by Ben Maxson is designed to help individuals grow in their relationship with God through an intentional discipleship process. This experience will lead you through a natural progression of decisions and life choices that will help move you into a growing discipleship walk with God.

Steps to Discipleship integrates eight Sabbath sermons with seven weeks of daily devotional study, relational Bible reading, scripture memorization, time in reflection, and prayer. A whole church strategy, Steps to Discipleship helps us recognize we are not alone on the spiritual journey.

The Steps to Discipleship DVD includes:

  • Pastor's Manual – everything you need to lead, including sermons, sermon outlines, and implementation guides
  • Small Group Leader's Guide – a resource for group study and discussion
  • Study Guide – the main resource for church members’ seven-week daily devotional study
  • Promotional Package – includes a promotional brochure, postcard, 3-minute testimonial and 10-minute overview, information sheet, and promotional article
  • Additional Resources – sermon transcripts and PowerPoint files

Join the Steps to Discipleship program and experience the abundant blessings of being a disciple!

Instructions for Windows users to access additional resources on the disc: Click on the Start Menu > Click on “My computer” and look for DVD icon “Steps to Discipleship.” Right click it > Select “Explore” > Navigate to the folder labeled “S2D Resources” and double click the folder icon.

Instructions for Mac users to access additional resources on the disc: Select the Finder > Click on DVD icon “Steps to Discipleship” > Look inside for folder labeled “S2D Resources”

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