The Queen's Crisis: Bible Time Adventures

The Queen's Crisis: Bible Time Adventures

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The Queen's Crisis is an exciting children's chapter book about Farah, Mordecai's 11-year-old daughter. Farah is so excited that her second cousin Esther has been chosen to be the new queen of Persia! After befriending a boy in the King's court, Farah discovers Esther is now involved in a life-and-death situation that will test and strengthen their entire family's faith in God. The Queen's Crisis is the Biblical story of Queen Esther.

If your kids love Veggie Tales, devotional books by Louie Giglio, or Biblical historical fiction, they will love Bible Time Adventures, the exciting retelling of classic Christian Bible stories for kids. The big difference is that young readers will experience a true Bible story from the point of view of a few local, fictional kids that were there!

Paperback. Copyright 2022. 152 pages.


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