Go Fish Kit

Go Fish Kit

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Jesus said, in Matthew 4:19…“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

“Fishing for men” means that we are so excited about Jesus’ love for us that we want to share His love with everyone around us. We show them Jesus’ love by our actions…by what we do.

Go Fish is a one-day spiritual gifts lab for kids where they will discover one of their spiritual gifts and how to use it in their church and community. As each child goes through the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, they will find that the activities they enjoy doing will help them identify their gift, and they will do it in a way that is fun and that they will enjoy – and that they will remember long afterward!

The Go Fish kit includes:

  • Director’s Guide
  • Opening and Closing Program Script
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • Leader’s guides for 6 Fish Hook stations
  • USB with director's resources

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