My Savior and My Lord

My Savior and My Lord

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Are you searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus than what you learned as a child in Sabbath school? Through engaging dialogue and meaningful illustrations, My Savior and My Lord will guide you on a journey to discovering Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

This book will lead you to a better understanding of the character of Christ. Author Christopher Thompson explains the historical significance behind Bible stories and traditions. Through Jesus’ teachings and parables you will learn principles for following His example, the criteria for becoming a sheep in the Kingdom of God, and how to praise and worship God. You will emerge with a perspective on Christian living that is fresh and winsome.

Whether you read My Savior and My Lord alone or with a small group, you’ll find the questions at the end of each chapter insightful and thought provoking. This book includes suggestions for supplementary reading and memorization to assist you through your journey.

Paperback. 52 pages. Copyright 2009. 

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