The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage

The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage

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"The gifts have been set in the Church and not in any one family." Lewis Christian, European Divison President, 1934

For almost 15 years Elmshaven, the Californian home of Ellen White, was the busy hub of development for the Adventist church on the West Coast. And then in July 1915 her voice fell silent. What to do with her writings became an enormously complicated problem for the church. In 1937 the literary collection was eventually relocated to Washington, DC–but the journey was not undertaken easily. The road from Elmshaven to the East Coast was long and winding, and at times the going was quite rocky.

The 1930s witnessed significant conflict within church leadership over the White Estate and what to do with it. The debate was painful and awkward at times. But eventually all agreed that the residue of the gift of prophecy did not belong just to one family. The spiritual resource resident in the collection of Ellen White's writings belonged in a unique way to the entire church.

In this book Dr. Gil Valentine relates the intriguing story of conflict and a maturing theological awareness that led gradually to the development of new structural arrangements for the White Estate, ensuring that the writings of Ellen White continued to be a blessing to the church.

Paperback. Copyright 2018. 201 pages.

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