Beyond the Search - DVD Documentary Set

Beyond the Search - DVD Documentary Set

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Beyond the Search is a 14-part documentary series that features stories from around the world that give evidence to the Christian world view.

“The core premise of this series was to create something that our members would be proud to share within their social networks,” said Jared Madden, producer of the series. “Personally sharing your faith with a friend or colleague is the most effective evangelism tool there is.”

Videos include:

  • Beyond Disaster
  • Beyond Conflict
  • Beyond Pain
  • Beyond Belief
  • Beyond Heroes
  • Beyond Lost
  • Beyond Guilt
  • Beyond Rules
  • Beyond Burnout
  • Beyond Counterfeit
  • Beyond Death
  • Beyond Hell
  • Beyond Warning
  • Beyond Talk

This set includes 4 DVDs. Use this set in conjunction with Bible Studies, share it with neighbors and friends, and use it for small group discussions.

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