Visual Bible Gospel DVDs - Set of 3

Visual Bible Gospel DVDs - Set of 3

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This Visual Bible set includes DVDs with dramatizations from Acts, Matthew, and Luke.

In The Visual Bible: Acts you will journey with the physician Luke as he tells the enthralling story of the danger, struggles, and triumph that marks the birth of the Christian church. Share the times of mystery and wonder that follow the resurrection of Jesus. Walk with the risen Lord. Watch as He is taken up into heaven. Experience the transforming power of Pentecost and catch the fire as God uses the passion of Peter and John to send the flame of faith racing throughout Jerusalem and around the world. Luke's powerful narrative brings to vivid life the compassionate love that unites believers across the ages. (English Only)

Experience The Visual Bible's Matthew! This powerful film is taken word-for-word from the text of the New International Version of the Bible. Filmed on location, Matthew features a cast of thousands, historically accurate costuming, and award-winning directing. (English & Spanish)

The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John vividly comes to life in a faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text. The Gospel of John meticulously re-recreates the era of Jesus during a tumultuous period that changed the course of history. The Gospel of John has been adapted word-for-word based on the American Bible Society's Good News Bible. (English, Spanish & French Subtitles)

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