Faith Not Fear

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    Michaela Lawrence Jeffery

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Our fears negatively impact our ability to be the people God wants us to be and to do the work to which He has called us. We can’t afford that. So, let’s talk about our fears. Let’s read what others have written and join those conversations.

This book includes 16 essays on various aspects of fear from various Seventh-day Adventist authors. After each piece, there is a small section where you can jot down your thoughts. At the very back of the booklet, you’ll find an extra notes/doodles section if you need more space.

You can even use these writings as discussion starters in small-group settings. Whatever you do, you are invited to give honest attention to your fears. Each fear is the result of a real problem. Don’t ignore it. And believe that God is with you, helping you figure out how to move from fear to faith.

Paperback. Copyright 2017. 58 pages.

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